Charlie Dowd
President/Career Consultant
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If you can find a suitable position on internet job sites, great.  Remember though, when using a web based board, you're merely one resume among multitudes.  We make sure you go to the head of the line. 

There's nothing wrong with Dice, Monster, Indeed, ZipRecruiter and all the others for entry to lower-level and purely technical jobs, but for senior, sales/technical hybrid, and upper level management, experience the advantages we offer.

Susan Clark

Years of experience: 12
Expertise: Search Engine Optimization
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Martina Lopez

Years of experience: 5
Expertise: Research and Lead Generation
732-747-8100 x 195

Yes, you are an expert in your field; that's why we're talking.  Similarly, The Dowd Group, Inc. is an expert in its field.  Do you interview every day?  Do you negotiate for base, commission, and benefits, every day?  Are you perfectly comfortable moving through the Human Resource maze?  We do and we are.  

When your data, health, or career is on the line, it pays to let a specialist do the work; especially when the services are free!​

Deepak Bouden

Years of experience: 3
Expertise: All Things Technical
732-747-8100 x 196

"I've been in the field for XX years and I'm XX years old.  I think I can handle my own negotiations"

Martin Chu

Years of experience: 2
Expertise: Generalist
732-747-8100 x 108

Joe Christopher

Years of experience: 6
Expertise: Social Media Integration
732-747-8100 x 147

Unless you tell her, how will she know?  Our livelihood is built on confidential service.  If we lose the trust of either party, we're out of business.

The likelihood of your current employer finding your resume on a job board is astronomically higher.​

"I'll just put my resume on the job boards"

No buzz word bingo; no bull; our mission is simple:

After six years with Management Recruiters International where Charlie achieved the National Rookie of The Year award, he founded Dowd Group, Inc. in 2002.

Charlie enhances relationships developed during more than twenty years with technology professionals. He leverages those contacts and friendships pro-actively sourcing the best hidden talent for his clients.  Success building sales organizations from the ground up and adding established sales candidates to compliment growth has contributed to a positive track record and rapport with company executives making Charlie a valuable resource for candidates seeking their next career move. Clients range from pre-IPO early stage venture backed start-ups to leading-edge public companies.

"What if my current employer finds out that I'm using you?"

Gary Eggars

Years of experience: 18
Expertise: Project Management
732-747-8100 x 122

To provide confidential, ethical, aggressive, executive recruitment and career consultant services for candidates and hiring authorities.